Our portfolio is 100% customer friendly and customer-oriented
Our portfolio is 100% customer friendly and customer-oriented

Sea Transportation

Sea Transportation
Seafreight is one of the oldest established forms of transporting goods world-wide.It is also one of the most economical and environmentally friendly type of transporation. Nowadays more than 80 percent of the goods worldwide are transported by sea. Air Lynx ltd has immencse experience in the oversea cargo shipment sector, offering full logistics and transportation in this field. Our dedicated seafreight team provides the expertise that delivers cost effective and quality container shipping management solutions, offering global import and export shipping services.

The company provides:
  • Transport of full containers all over the world– FCL (Full Container Load): 20ft, 40ft or 45ft
  • Specialized container load
  • Less than Container Load all over the world -LCL
  • Regular LCL service from the Far East
  • Combined transportation by sea and air “Sea- Air” and “Air – Sea”
Container transport
Air Lynx ltd offers for your container transports to and from Bulgaria competitive prices, flexible timetables and reliable door-to-door service. Depending on its type and specifics, cargo could be transported in standard containers, in temperature-controlled ones, or in special equipments. Air Lynx Ltd uses its established partnerships with shipping lines and trusted agents all over the world, thus allowing delivery time flexibility and competitive pricing.

For import and export of full containers to and from Bulgaria, the company operates at the following ports:

  • Varna, Bulgaria
  • Burgas, Bulgaria
  • Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Piraeus, Greece
  • Constanța, Romania
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Antwerp, Belgum and other European ports – for express shipment from/to the USA and Canada
Our logistics services for the transport and delivery of full containers (FCL) include:

  • Port-to-port container shipping
  • Multimodal door-to-door worldwide transport, including import, export, transit operations and third party commercial deals
  • Transport of temperature sensitive cargo
  • Transport of project cargo - oversized and/or overweight
  • Transport of hazardous materials, IMO (International Maritime Organization)
  • Transport of personal effects
  • Container loading and unloading at and outside of the ports
  • Container delivery under customs control for the European Union, Serbia and Macedonia
  • Full services for processing of containers through customs control for goods arriving in ports in Bulgaria, Greece and Romania
  • Handling DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) cargoes
  • Documentation processing
  • Tracking and status update of goods

You can find the sizing of the containers here.
You can find explanations on how the loading of pallets into the different types of containers works here.
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Air Transportation

Air Transportation
The airfreight industry is a vital part of the global economy and an important element of the supply chain management. For each company that sends cargo internationally is well known that airfreight shipping offers fast and flexible transport solutions.

We are fully acquainted with all airfreight procedures and the required respective documentation.
Air Lynx Ltd is able to take care for your airfreight cargo from point of origin to its final destination.

Clients can choose between:
  1. Express airfreight
  2. Standard airfreight
  3. Economic airfreight
  4. Consolidated airfreight
Our services include:
International air shipments
  • International Air transportation worldwide
  • Door-to-door deliveries
  • Transport of temperature-sensitive shipments
  • Transport of hazardous materials /dangerous goods
  • Transport of valuable cargo
  • Transport of personal effects
  • Transport of live animals
  • Combined transport by sea and air/ air and by land
  • Terminal processing during goods’ loading and unloading
  • Delivery and processing ships spare parts
  • Organization of cargo charter flights
  • DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) cargo servicing
  • Tracking and status update of goods
Feel free to contact us about additional information and prices.
Express airfreight service
Special product with transit time airport -airport between 12 to 48 hours, with express handling and prioritization of the shipment.
Additional services as import/export customs formalities and door – door delivery can be provided upon request.
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Roadight Transport

Roadight Transport
Every type of delivery is connected to transport by land in one way or another because the roadfreight is an integral part of the logistic chain. Air Lynx Ltd offers the following services when it comes to land transport:
  • General transport – FTL and LTL
  • Transport of dangerous goods (ADR classified)
  • Transport of goods at temperature control
  • Specialized transport of garments
  • Transport of oversized cargo
  • Tracking and status update
The vehicles provided meet requirements for international freight transport.

Feel free to contact us about additional information and prices.
FTL service
Air Lynx Ltd offers full truck transport by road to and from Europe (France, Italy, Greece, Romania, Malta, Morroco, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Spain, the UK, Turkey, Russia, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway), as well as the Middle East.
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Project Cargo

Project Cargo
Regardless of where the goods come from or where they are sent to, Air Lynx Ltd can deliver your oversized cargo to and from every place in Bulgaria. Project cargo is usually larger and heavier than the other types of cargo transported by land. But due to the uniqueness of every oversized cargo case, handling such requests requires experience and specific knowledge in the logistic processes involved.

The transportation of oversized cargo by land is dictated by certain laws and regulations, and it requires specific documentation. Air Lynx Ltd has the following flexible and innovative solutions for the transport of project cargo:
  • Transport of oversized cargo by land and sea
  • Qualified services from a certified organization which will take care of the auditory processes regarding the shipment, and will prepare the documentation needed
  • Convoy services for oversized cargo by land
  • Permits for the movement of oversized cargo
  • Finding the perfect route, in accordance with the pre-checked requirements and restrictions

Regulatory bodies to coordinate with for oversized cargo are:
  • The Traffic Police Department
  • The Road Infrastructure Agency
  • Decree №11 for movement of oversized loads, issued by the Ministry of Regional Development

We have experience in the delivery of the following types of oversized cargo:
  • Caravans
  • Yachts
  • Specialized equipment for different industry and construction
  • Transformers

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Rail Transportation

Rail Transportation
The “Belt and Road Initiative” (BRI) which was launched in 2013, openеd a bright new opportunity for a connection between the Far East and Europe. The so-called “New Silk Road” is one of the most ambitious infrastructure projects ever created. It takes inspiration from the original Silk Road which served as the main connector between Europe and Asia in the old times. The new project has over of a 12,000 km railroad system from East China to Poland and Germany. The transit time of the system varies between 14 and 18 days, while the lines themselves reach 21 provinces in China, as well as 11 European countries and 29 towns. This alternative connection to Europe allows us to upgrade our delivery chain and provide better opportunities for our clients.

To meet the most demanding needs, we can offer you block train from / to China with full containers (FCL) and for groupage shipments (LCL).

Main advantages:
  • Better access to Chinese towns for import and Export which are situated far from the main ports, thus reducing time and costs
  • Lower prices compared to the airfreight
  • Shorter transit time compared to the seafreight
  • Regular weekly services===========
  • Reliable and secure timetable: fixed departure day, compliance with the schedule station by station, no matter the changes in the weather, without delays
  • Free capacity for import and export
  • Reliable and flexible FCL and LCL service
  • The highest security level compared to the air and sea transports
  • Full and reliable support at origin and destination points
  • Economical solutions for heavy and bulk orders: at 1 kg/m3 = 600 kg
  • Eco-friendly transport by low-carbon electric locomotives
  • Tracking and monitoring of the shipments
Air Lynx Ltd offers block trains to and from China for both FCL and LCL shipments. REQUEST OFFER Request Offer

Customs Intermediary

Customs Intermediary
Air Lynx’s clients can benefit from the opportunity to use the services of Extrans ltd, one of the most qualified customs agencies in the country. The customs department offers a full range of the related services. Our clients can order at any time preparation of customs, transport and commercial documents, permits and licenses, Intrastat declarations, bonded storage operations.

The main services offered by the customs department:
  • Import
  • Export
  • Transit
  • Re-export
  • Temporary import / export
  • Active refine
  • Passive refine
  • Bonded warehousing
  • Import of goods in free zone or in free warehouse
  • Abandonment of goods for the state’s benefit
  • Destruction of goods
  • Bank guarantee for securing the customs duties at transit operations
  • Registration of trade companies and individuals to the Customs and obtaining EORI number
  • Preparing and issuing of documentation
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As a part of Extrans Holding, the shipments of Air Lynx are processed, managed and stored by the warehouse operator of the holding - Extrans Ltd.

Our clients could benefit from the following services:
  • Temporary storage of goods under customs control
  • Bonded storage of goods under customs control
  • Storage of goods for free circulation in EU, which are out of customs control
  • Temperature controlled storage
  • Terminal handling and storage
  • Commissioning
  • Packing
  • Labeling
  • Reloading vehicle to vehicle operations
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Critical Shipments delivery service

Critical Shipments delivery service
This service is designed for deliveries of critical importance, which are impossible to be postponed. In such cases the transit time is shortened at 12 to 48 hours, with door-to-door delivery worldwide.

We offer the following services for the fastest delivery possible:
  • Courier on board
  • AD HOC chartered flights
  • 24/7 collection of critical shipments from a specific address
  • 24/7 delivery of critical shipments to a specific address
For your most urgent loads, when delivery times for your plant, line or project are of great importance and even critical, we offer you a specialized service with a 12-48 hours door-to-door transit time, worldwide, seven days a week.
On - board courier
Also known as hand carry. A committed person travels with your shipment to the nearest to the final destination airport from where the shipment is handled by our partners. Request Offer

Value added services

Value added services
For the full completion of its delivery chain management, Air Lynx ltd offers the following additional services:
  • Specialized consulting
  • Assistance for issuing of licenses, permits and other documents by various institutions
  • Documentation processing
  • Cargo insurance
  • Provision of an emergency commissioner and survey
  • Logistic solutions for exhibitions, expositions and other events
  • Reverse logistics
  • Armed convoy
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